Trump’s Fight With Twitter Finally Grew Teeth. Now What?

LG: Gilad, thanks for breaking that down for us. We’re going to take another quick break and when we come back, it’s time for recommendations.

All right, Gilad since you’re our guest, you should go first. What’s your recommendation this week?

GE: My recommendation is putting a little bit of mayonnaise on your egg and cheese sandwich.

LG: Oh, all right. The show’s over. This podcast is over. That’s it.

GE: That’s such an unsophisticated response.

LG: This is like an egg on a roll. Like you go to the deli, or in the before times, you’d go to the deli and just say, “I want an egg on a roll.” And you’re saying put mayonnaise on that, that beautiful thing.

GE: So that’s what I’m saying, Lauren. Here’s the thing. Eggs are good, cheese is good. Egg and cheese is good. Mayonnaise is good. So mayonnaise with your egg and cheese should be good. And I tried it this week, it was good. I also put Sriracha on. Not a lot of mayo though.

LG: Did you make this yourself or did you order?

GE: Yeah, but I didn’t make the mayo.


GE: But it’s important to keep in mind that egg is a crucial ingredient in mayonnaise. So there’s a sort of circle of life thing to this.

LG: Mike, what do you make of this?

MC: Well, Gilad I want to yes and your recommendation, and here’s what to do. You get a squeeze bottle and you fill up the squeeze bottle halfway with mayonnaise and halfway with Sriracha, and then you mix it up and make one-to-one Sriracha mayo squeezy.

GE: Mike, I’m literally crying. That suggestion is so good that it made me tear up.

MC: OK. Next level, Japanese mayonnaise.

GE: Tell me more.

LG: I mean, is this still an egg and cheese sandwich or do we need to like, give it a new name now? Are you also going to start recommending that we put like, I don’t know, avocado on this and maybe a little bit of sour cream while we’re at it?

GE: I would try sour cream.

LG: I feel like maybe we are destroying the sanctity of a simple egg and cheese on a roll.

MC: No, you’re just making it a Megg and cheese.

LG: All right. You know what? I don’t want to dissuade Gilad from coming back on the show.

GE: Yeah, I didn’t come here to be vilified.

LG: So I will accept this recommendation for now. Maybe I’ll even try it, but I make no promises. Do you have any other recommendations you’d like to share.

GE: Me?

LG: Yeah.

GE: Yes, sleep masks.

LG: Oh, what kind of sleep masks? Like the kind that are like heavy over your eyes or are you like into the lotiony masks?

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